Wednesday, August 05, 2009

An acrostic

I had the idea to do this while reading the Psalms and noticing how many psalms are acrostics in Hebrew...

It was actually a lot harder than I thought.

An acrostic for the Lord
Acrostics feature heavily in the Bible,
But they can't be easy to write.
Creativity, vocabulary, and wit... none of which I possess.
David wrote them in Hebrew... I wonder if that makes it easier?
Enough meaningless banter, let's get down to some serious acrostics...

Father, let Your will be done
Great and mighty works, just as the days of old
Here on Earth, as it is in heaven
In my life, let Your will be done.

Journeying through my pilgrim, let Your light guide me,
Keep me on Your path, the straight and narrow that's so hard to find,
Let me know You walk with me, remind me when I forget
May my path and my journey bring glory to You,
Now and forever, every moment belongs to You.

Open my ears that I may hear Your words
Pry my eyes open that I may see Your will
Quieten my heart that I may feel You move
Rest my soul - because I know, You speak with breathless whispers...

Sometimes the darkness surrounds me,
There is nothing but silence.
Unveil the silence, the darkness and the emptiness
Vindicate me from the voices that condemn and accuse, and the
Whirlwinds of doubt, depression, and devastation - they will not wear me down.

(X is too hard, why do we even HAVE that letter anyway!)
You give me strength, purpose, life and liberty,
Zeal and passion, rest and peace.